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  1. Jean-Marie Nerson
  2. Applying Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  3. (Special Issue: Modeling) Comm ACM V35n9(Sep 1992)pp63-74
    1. ESPRIT project
    2. ref to BeckCunningham89 re [CRC] cards, RubinGoldberg92 scenarios.
    3. Ref to M Page-Jones & M Constantine & S Weiss, "Modeling object oriented systems: the uniform object notation", Comput Lang v7(Oct 1990)pp69-87
    4. BON Better Object Notation (or Business Object Notstion?) (based on Meyer's work)
    5. YAWN(Yet Another Whimsical Notation)
    6. Uses Eiffel terminology without explanation
    7. p63: "The bad news is that whenever inappropriate types of objects are selected, or whenever awkward structuring choice are made, the final architecture reflects these poor decisions"

    8. p72: "Highlevel class abstractions usually do not come first to mind"

    9. Car Rental Agency case study

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