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  1. Moises Lejter & Scott Meyers & Steven P Reiss
  2. Support for Maintaining Object-Oriented Programs
  3. IEEE Trans SE-v18n12(Dec 1992)pp1045-1052
  4. =TOOL Maintenance XREFDB C++ Technical relational data base
      .Quotes p1051: "Some of C++ most important features - classes, inheritance, and dynmic binding - can interfere with the abillity of software developers and maintainers to understand the code they work with."..."Conventional tools...woefully inadequate when applied to C++ with its penchent for overloaded names, independent scopes that are not lexically nested, both static and dynamic object types"...[tools have to understand] "the semantics of class hierarchies and dynamically bound functions"...[and can]..."provide a qualitive improvement in the environment available to C++ programmers".

      p1050: "No alternative to modifying a C++ Compiler to output the appropriate database"

      "Pragmatic concerns of day-to-day life"

      "Feeling...the time and effort to understand a system drops significantly..."

      "Users claim that the abillity to follow a series of function calls throught the source code by simply pointing at a function and switching to an edit window on the defintion of that function reduces some of the drudgery of maintaining a system"

      "C++ programmers have freely chosen to XREF even when the package was incomplete[had] nontrivial bugs[and]rather lacklustre performance"

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