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  1. Richard Holt & Cordy
  2. The Turing Programming Language
  3. Commun ACM
  4. v31n12(Dec 1988)pp1410-1423
  5. =case-study formal TURING LANGUAGE
      Note comp.lang.misc Feb 2nd 1995 [Turing is ]distributed by Holt Software Associates Inc., Toronto, Canada. Their email address is distrib@hsa.on.ca.

      Turing has migrated to Object Oriented Turing and is now a full object oriented programming language system and environment that runs under X-Windows under Unix as well as MS Windows, DOS and the Macintosh. It is used as the primary teaching language at several universities and about half of the high schools in the province of Ontario. [...] Jim Cordy -- Prof. James R. Cordy Software Technology Laboratory cordy@qucis.queensu.ca Dept. Computing & Information Science +1 (613) 545 6054 / FAX +1 (613) 545 6513 Queen's Univ., Kingston, Canada

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