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  1. Jonathan P Bowen & Michael G Hinchey
  2. Seven More Myths of Formal Methods
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n4(Jul 1995)pp34-40
      Note Based on industrial experience Ref to [Hall90]
    1. 8. FM delay the development process
    2. 9. FM lack tools
    3. 10. FM replace traditional engineering design methods
    4. 11. FM only apply to software
    5. 12. FM are unnecessary
    6. 13. FM are not supportted
    7. 14. FM people always use FM
    8. p40: "system development should be as formal as necessary, but not more formal."

      Notes problems:

    9. sidebar, p37: defining FM, IEEE glossary has two.
    10. notation

      p38: Notes resources: internet forums for Z, VDM, Larch, OBJ. FTP archives, Periodicals. Courses.

      p40: Quotes BBC Interview: "If you want to build systems with ultra-high reliability whcih provide complaxe functionallity and you want to guarantee that they are going to work with very high reliability...you can't do it"

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