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  1. Pamela Zave<pamela@research.att.com>
  2. Feature Interactions and Formal Specifications in Telecommunications
  3. IEEE Computer Magazine( Aug 1993)pp20-28
      p22: "a general truth: Once a major evolutionary step is completely accepted and understood, specifications become clearer and simpler than when half steps were sowing confusion"

      pp24-27: Ideas that help: Types and roles, Invariants(constraints on a space, and definitions), Parsing inputs to recognize significant patterns,

      p26:Specifications as LPC predicates Composing specifications. p28:Features as 1stclass citizens. definable and manipulable

      p28: Which feature now? precedence lists, message passing, exceptions

      p30: "[...] general-purpose reasoning will not suffice for these challenges. We need to focus first on concepts, models, and principles that capture the essence of telecommunications and think later about how they relate to other application domains.

    1. Perhaps the most difficult problem of all is the incoherent, unprincipled, and ad hoc behavior of current telecommunications systems. [...] If specificers work diligently on the telecommunication domain, then principles governing all aspects of feature interaction will emerge."

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