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  1. Douglass E Williams
  2. Software Engineering Lacks Engineering(letter)
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n2(Mar 1995)p5 + replies IEEE Software Magazine V12n3(May 1995)p5-7
      Trained and practiced civil engineer doing an MS in CSci. "Engineering students are taught not only the principles of engineering, but also the discipline and management to go with it[...] quality control from the beginning so that failure upon completion is almost impossible[...] Engineering is a philosophy that transcends professions. It is a systematic, methodical, discipline, deliberate way of approaching a problem. It is not merely a matter of mechanically following an outline of developments phases, dataflow diagrams and so on."

      Letters note: financial penalties for failing to meet schedule, quality, and functional specs. Lack of qualified engineers forced to be heroes( [Bach95] ). Effect of Market in [Guest95]

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