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  1. Robert Stanley<rstanley@oakton.edu>
  2. Steps, Roads, Funnels, Galaxies: Metaphors for Designing Interactive Presentations
  3. T.H.E. Journal V22n5(Dec 1994)pp57-61
      Artists view of design and creativity

      linear steps vs a funnel or galaxy. Mix according to taste.

      But both end up in developing a storyboard or script and then producing the presentation (By AV people?)

      Invented Data Base to hold script

      Net{screen_number:Number} >-> Net{screen_name, script:text, graphics, buttons, Field, Script_links, grpahics_links, Button_links, Field_links}.

      Serving freedom and order.

      Refs to Les Howles & Connie Pettengill, June 1993 T.H.E.Journal "Designing Instructional Multimedia Presentations: A seven-step process".

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