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  1. John Plaice & William W Wadge
  2. A New Approach to Version Control
  3. IEEE Trans SE-V19n3(Mar 1993)pp268-276
  4. =THEORY Technical document evolution
      p268 Software systems undergo constant evolution.
    1. ε::Version.
    2. |-POSET(Version, \relevant_to).
    3. |-MONOID(Version, (%), ε).
    4. |-SEMILATTICE(Version,(+) ).
    5. |-(%) distributes_on_the_left_over (+).
    6. |-MINMAX(Version, \relevant_to, lub=>(+)).
    7. |-ε=min(Version).
    8. Version_name::@Version.
    9. |-Version_name=L(number,dot) | N(alphanumeric).

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