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  1. David Lorge Parnas
  2. On ICSE's "Most Influential" Papers
  3. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes V20n3(Jul 1995)pp29-32
      Speech on acepting a prize at the ICSE 17 for the most influential papers of ICSE 7(1985). denies that ICSE papers have had any influence at all

      The SE research clique

    1. talking to ourselves
    2. ignoring Engineering organizations
    3. ignoring history: "engineers use methods that work"
    4. "we are putting too much effort into selling methods that are not ready. If they were ready, we would not have to sell them. We should be putting our efforts into testing and improving our technology, not on high pressure sales."
    5. becoming snake oil salespeople

      Claims to have seen prof selling "do it naturally" philosophy or stating that methematical methods working when the slides show incorrect programs.

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