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  1. Effy Oz
  2. When Professional Standards ar Lax: The CONFIRM Failure and its Lessons
  3. Commun ACM V37n10(Oct 1994)pp29-36 + Corespondence Commun ACM V38n2(Feb 1995)pp16-17+Commun ACM V38n3(Mar 1995)p12
    1. Hotel reservations system
    2. AMR already had SABRE for Airline seats
    3. 85 hotel chains each with a computerized reservation system
    4. AMRIS founded to expand SABRE success into Hotels...
    5. Hilton, Marriott, Budget Rent-a-car Hands off management by clients
    6. $123M investment cancelled

      Original plan: 7months design + 45 months development

    7. 1988 Base design. Most experienced hotel claimed functional specifications were too general for developers to understand what the USER is expecting.
    8. 1989: design complete, 6 month development plan, rejected
    9. 1989: development: business area analysis, Business system design, construction of code, testing
    10. missed end of first phase and redefined result as being complete!
    11. 1990 clients concerned, employees estimated it could not be done on time.... management told them to replan
    12. Employess thought management set unrealistic schedules and lied about status complainers were sacked
    13. 1992: Technical problem: could not integrate TP central reservation system with decision support system

      ------- Correspondence

    14. Peter Farrell-Vinay Feb 1995, suggests the problems come from lake of standard SQA procedures, or missing requirements analysis, or lack of monthly reports, or signed off requiremnts, or prototypes. Invites rebuttals.
    15. David B Lightstone Mar 1995, proffessional standards are to protect non-professionals from professionals. The CONFIRM failure involved only professionals.... also evidence of software configuration failures or evasion - authoritarian and criminal suppress whistle-blowing.

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