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  1. Akira K Onoma & Tsuneo Yamaura
  2. Practical Steps Toward Quality Development
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n5(Sep 1995)pp68-77
      Hitachi software systems: average size 200KLOC in 1991, 2..3 times larger than in 1984. 20% of all code segments > 5MLOC.

      Using waterfall model + some RAD&Spiral

      Quality control a matter of testing and debugging.

      System failures in the field has decreased from 1050 in 1981 to 19 in 1994. Bugs found in: desk debug(?) 21%, Unit Debug 35%, Combination debugging 28%, System debugging 6%.... Field 0.02% Total numbers up in 500s.

      Program-checking lists(PCLs) Black box tests

      Quality-progress diagram(QPD) : track and compare fault finding rates and testing rates vs guestimates.

      p72:"A Software Engineer's dream is to eliminate all faults based on a precise and reliable estimation of the total number of faults or to identify the "last bug" within a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost. But Faults -- like programs -- are created by people. Fault estimation is

      p118: "Some specification environments allow specifications to be expressed directly in terms of mathematical symbols[...]we have found that the burden of supporting these conveniences outway the benefits, bringing in the wake such menaces to productivity as structure editors, and a plethora of mouse and menu selections. In the US, at least, most scientists and engineers are fast touch typists, and we ind a conventional program editor provides a more productive environment for rapid interaction than a graphical user interface[...]LaTeX,...graphical representation of module dependencies and proof trees...hypertext"

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