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  1. William F Ogden & Murali Sitaraman & Bruce W Weide & Stuart H Zweben
  2. The RESOLVE Framework and Discipline - A Research Synopsis
  3. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes V19n4(Oct 1994)pp23-28 See [Sitaraman94]
  4. =ADVERT RESOLVE LANGUAGE Framework Discipline
    1. Two kinds of components: abstract/specifications/concepts vs concrete realisations. concepts implemented by realizations, contexts
    2. realisations use concepts (not other realizations)
    3. realisations have two parts: additional concepts + body
    4. highly parameterized/generic/templates -> instances

      Key Target: To be able to prove a generic implementation of a concept once and for all - once proved in general all valid instanciations will be correct.

  5. (dick)|-Problem: Too damn complex(IMHO)

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