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  1. Richard C Linger
  2. Cleanroom Process Model
  3. IEEE Software magazine v11n2(Mar 1994)pp50-58
  4. =ADVERT PROCESS INCREMENTAL SQA functional refinement
    1. Quick and clean
    2. errors found in tests down from 40/KLOC to 2.3/KLOC
    3. errors left in are simple mistakes found by statistical testing
    4. Pipeline of increments developed and certified by small independent teams... refinements predefined by previous increment... correctness verification... prototypes when in doubt of requirements
    5. functional specification;plan increments;design and verify; certify quality vs statistical tests, feedback
    6. top-down testing
    7. Box structures: Black;State;Clear
    8. Usage testing: all executions by users, high usage, lage number of tests
    9. helps predict actual MTTF in the field
    10. gives better MTTF than coverage testing

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