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  1. Odd Ivar Lindland & Guttorm Sundre & Arne Solvberg
  2. Understanding Quality in Conceptual Modeling
  3. IEEE Software magazine v11n2(Mar 1994)pp42-49
      Requirements -> models "Requiremnts imply something prescriptive. In early modeling, most of what is done is to analyze the problem area, so many pieces of information are more statements than requirements"

      models: syntax(language used), semantics(Domain), pragmatics(audience)

    1. hence definitions of quality in terms of the fit at the three interfaces" - whenever feasible
    2. feasible: it is worth less to fix than it costs to fix

      "The goal is not to make the model easy to understand but to ensure that it is understood"

      "Always need some gut instinct" to judge feasibility.

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