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  1. S H Kan & S D Dull & D N Amundson & R J Lindner & R J Hedger
  2. AS/400 Software Quality Management
  3. IBM Systems Jnl V33n1(1994)pp62-88
      AS/400=Application System/400, 1988..., 7.1 MLOC in software system, 225K lines by 1993,

      No silver bullets: put quality improvement techniques and solutions into preactice systematically and persistently

      Ballance customer needs with development resources

      CUPRIMDA **cf KanBasiliShapiro94: CUPRIMDSO A: Availability(Non-outage time)

      Fig 6: Reliability curve has typical burn in + peaks at each new release, improved by customer burn-in No of fixes in 193 is <10 and 30 products had none

      p75-76: People are the most important element...Maslow,...conscientious programmer striving for self-actualization

      Many actions from the development teams

      not checklists, requirements and process steps...simplify process!

      Motivation: incentives+public recognition, rewards review team!

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