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  1. Pei Hsia & Alan M Davis & David C Kung
  2. Status Report: Requirements Engineering
  3. IEEE Software magazine v10n6(Nov 1993)pp75-79 + Correspondence with (Edward LaBudde) IEEE Software magazine v11n2(Mar 1994)pp6&8
      Letter: Criticizes a sea of hype and unproven methods encapsulated in technobabble designed to separate the old from the new.

      Points out lack of any training at the systems engineering level - hence need to develop a discipline for ssytem engineering and dividing software from hardware - "We need{...]a notation that everyone, including the naive customer, can understand"

      Reply: The letter exposes a problem they forgot: "The industry's inability to recognise that requirements and design are very different activities, although you must often iterate between them in practice"

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