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  1. Juris Harmanis(chair)
  2. Computing Surveys Symposium on computational complexity and the Nature of Computer science
  3. Computer Surveys V27n1(Mar 1994)pp1-61
      Invited essays in response to Hartmenis94a [ reprint of Hartmenis94a ] Responses from
    1. Laszlo A Belady: Engineering info and CS is essential to all workers
    2. Gilles Brassard: Time for Another Paradigm Shift, quantum comps
    3. Peter Denning: data for machines, information for us :. subjective
    4. Peter A Freeman: Effective CS, involves other disiplines
    5. Michael C Loui: CS is a NEW Eng Discipline, consciencious competent...
    6. John Plaice: CS is an Experimental Science. Experiemnts are writing risky software! No idea of what tolls and methods will do...
    7. John Savage: Will CS become irrelevant? distinguishe roles of CS practitioner, research CS, experimental Cs and theoretical CS
    8. N F Stewart: Science and Cs: Popper
    9. Jeffrey D Ullamn: The Role of Theory Today: tendency to move away from real problem to reply to papers about papers...
    10. Peter Wegner: Interaction as a Basis for Empirical CS. beyond algorithms. p47: Corrrectness:( Type 1:Exists correct behavior in interactions, Type 2: No incorrect behavior in algorithm)
    11. Rick Weingartner: Government Funding & C research Priorities: no curiosity driven research.
    12. W A Wulf: Wulf94 and a response to the responses: [Hartmanis94c]

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