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  1. Robert L Glass
  2. The Software-Research Crisis
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V11n6(Nov 1994)pp42-47
      2020 hindsight claims that 20thC software-research was arrogant and narrow, and so not put into practice, that researchers manufactured a "software crisis" to fund their research and motivate the adoption of untried methods/

      Distinguishes 4 kinds of research:

    1. scientific, engineering, empirical, analytical.

      Inheritted from pure vs applied maths: a disdain for the practical. Costs of trying new ideas out by academics

      p46: "no one stepped back to reanalyse the field's approaches to it to see that a new model was needed."

      Praises the government sponsored consortium of academe and industry at the software engineering laboratory. Ignores similar project carried out earlier with Oxford, IBM and HMG UK on applying forml methods. p46: "A researcher working alongside a practitioner, being open to adjusting and improving ideas"

      Notes need to "...getting rid of the schedule-driven approach to building software..."

      "a new research idea would by analysed by researcher after researcher, advocated thoroughly, and never used in practice."

      p46-47: quotes Fentonetal94 attak on "Formal Methods". See also DavisA94a, Fentonetal94, Glass94a

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