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  1. Gary Ford
  2. The SEI Undergraduate Curriculum in Software Engineering
  3. SIGCSE Bulletin V23n1(Mar 1991)pp375-385
      Goal "to stimulate discussion" , nearly fits CSAB and ABET, but not for a Liberal Arts College (22.5% Math & Basic Sciences(27semester hours)+ 37.5% Softe Eng Science and Software Engineering Design (45semester hours)+ 25% Humanities&Social Sciences(30hurs), 15% Electives(18) ), Maths = (1year discrete+ 1 Year Calculus+ 1 Year Provabillity, stats and numerical methods). Science = physics+biology+chemistry. SE Courses: Software Analysis(9semester hours), Software Architecture(12semester hours), Computer Systems(9semester hours), Software Process(12semester hours), SE Elective(3hours).

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