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  1. Norman Fenton & Shari Lawrence Pfleeger & Robert L Glass
  2. Science and Substance: A Challenge to Software Engineers
  3. IEEE Software magazine v11n3(July 1994)pp86-95+ Correspondence V11n5pp6+8 CR9509-0737
  4. =ESSAY critiscizing computer science's contribution to software engineering and lack of empirical data testing theories.
  5. Notes: [ Fentonetal94.mth ]
  6. Good communication and management count more than technology
  7. p 90:"Inspections are the cheapest and most effective testing techniques for finding faults"
  8. p93: Software Engineering Lab: 8 major projects using OO/Ada.. reuse rises dramatically (20%..80%) but OO/Ada requires significant domain analyisis and project tailoring

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