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  1. Albert Endres
  2. Lessons Learned in an Industristrial Software Lab
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V10n5(Sep 1993)pp58-61
      How IBM Boeblingen reduced its error rate by a factor of 10 while doubling productivity and halving project duration.

      Millions of lines of code.

      Formal methods: VDM & Harlan Mills. Complete training. Added tools. Used method+tool to separate module specification from module implementation... hance C++ and Ada rather than a separate language for design

      Reuse. Has to be planned for. Rules: encapsulation, parameterized, generalized. Opposite of old technique. Centrally maintained Boeblingen Building blocks - zero defects, in use through out IBM.

      Process: Well documented, publicized (Radice) and now online.

      Academe vs practice? Also no sharing of practices.

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