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  1. David W Embley<embley@cs.byu.edu> & Robert B Jackson & Scott N Woodfield(BYU)
  2. Object-Oriented Systems Analysis: Is it or isn't it
  3. IEEE Software Magazine V12n4(July 1995)pp19-33 + correspondence with Shlaer & Mellor IEEE Software Magazine V12n5(Sep 1995)pp8+10

      advocates OSA as OOA, book Embleyetal92 claims design features have contaminated other OOA methods... that they are preliminary design methods. Defines Systems analysis as "the study of a system for the purpose of understanding and documenting its essential characteristics"

      OSA: formal semantics, executable, no attributes, all sets of {objects, relationships, states, transitions,...), high level(abstract) views. semantics of the real world(ERD+ isa+part-of), object behavior(FSD+time+exceptions, concurrent), object interaction(digraph(classes, messages)), properties(cardinallity), real-time constraints, allowing degrees of formalism, choices of notations, top-down or not,...

      p20: "relationship sets, together with high-level object classes, can represent the information captured by attributes, but attributes can not represent arbitrary relationship sets. Attributes, however, let us represent important design optimisations".

      OSA has been used to model itself.

    1. OOS-L::=Object-oriented Specification Language::= formal, also natural versions

    2. IPOST::=Interaction Prototyping Object-oriented Specification Tool

      Comparison of features of several methods: subjective.

      p25: "All systems are embedded, either in the way we normally think about embedded computer systems or are in an organisation such as a business[so] the larger environment should always be considered, especially for analysis, which emphasizes the comprehension and documentation of entire systems."

      p32: Goal: "A software-engineering environment based on a single formal model.

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