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  1. Subrata Dasgupta
  2. Design Theory and Computer Science: Processes and Methodology of Computer Systems Design
  3. Cambridge U Press NY NY 1991(Tracts in theoretical Comp Sci)
  4. =THEORY ENGINEERING methodology
  5. Reviews: CR9207-0475
  6. Am Math Monthly V100n4(Apr 1993) page 423
      Note -- best study of design and science so far

      systems always change[pp128-129].

      engineering uses a similar process but has different aims to scientific discovery[pxvii, p8, pp353ff...]

      Need formal requirements, feedback implementation & design to requirements[p170].

      compilers [pp324-331], PR vs T = functional vs implementation requirements(p165)

      multiple constraints[pp234-237,249-253,272-276]

      scientific method: conceptual problems->change, many design methods,

      1.3 Intractabillity,

      1.5 designs are Hypotheses [ch12]

      layout problems intractable pp73-74

      Plausibility documents reasons, evidence, and evolution of documentation [chapter 9]

      software=hardware, Simon, complexity of design paradigms: ASE synthetic rule-based algorithmic... plausibillity,

      Pearce, Kuhn, Popper,...

    1. plausibility::={undetermined, assumed, validates, refuted}.

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