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  1. Michael Cusumano & Rick Selby
  2. Microsoft's Secrets: How the world's most powerful software company creates technology& shapes markets & and manages people
  3. Simon & Schuster September 1995
  5. See also [Keuffel95b] , [Bond95] , [MyersW95] , and an extract in [CusumanoSelby97]
  6. For a view of the later Microsoft proceesses, see [ Cusumano06 ]
  7. Key observations:
      MS objective was to quickly and cheaply establish and dominate a market and become de facto standards

      Scale up hacker culture to many small concurrent teams with frequent synchronisation and periodic stabilization. Aim to "Grow" rather than Design Software.

    1. Process::= Planning;Development;Stabilization,
    2. Planning::=Vision;Spec;Organize,
    3. Development::=(vision&spec&design&tests evolve and grow in parallel)&(first1/n; second1/n; third1/n; ...),
    4. n in {3,4}. each_1/n::=code&test&stabilise_features; integrate&test&debug;BUFFER time.
    5. Frequent synch/daily build.
    6. Stabilization::=Internal test; external test; Prepare for release.
    7. Fixed dates and multiple releases
    8. Continuous customer feedback
    9. Aim: large teams work like small ones.

      Focus on the production of code (not design vs documentation). Minimal optional high level architectures. Some implementation decisions (data structures) may be documented. "One document. One. It's the Source code."

      Costs:1 tester for each developer PLUS >1 customer-support engineer per developer

  8. Also Warren Keuffel's notes [ notes/Keuffel95b.html ] on Cusmano's talk at ICSE 1995.

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