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  1. Hugh R Beyer & Karen Holtzblatz
  2. Apprenticing with the Customer
  3. Commun ACM V38n5(May 1995)pp45-52
    1. "sit by Nelly" and then ask questions
    2. reveals: what matters, details, structure
    3. events lead to discussions
    4. master can transfer years of experience quicker
    5. Then designer works out structure
      1. articulate understanding
      2. is there to improve work
      3. must have a specific focus

    6. Beware
      1. other relationships: interviewer, expert, friend
      2. being abstract: things that are unsaid...ASK!
      3. polite ways of saying "no, you are wrong": "Huh?", "Ummm...maybe", "Yes, but..."

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