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  1. Mikio Aoyama (Fujitsu)<mikio@miki.nakahara.fujitsu.co.jp>
  2. Concurrent-Development Process Model
  3. IEEE Software Magazine (May 1993)pp48-55
  4. =EXPERIENCE management maturity non-sequential YAC(Aoyamaetal89) becomes YPL
    1. To reduce development cycle (time for a release).
    2. 10^6 lines of code 3 months/cycle.
    3. Higher risks and so more careful management
    4. helps expose problems in process
    5. Requires at least a repeatable process maturity.
    6. p50: "For the large-scale communication project, therefore, we described the entire development process up to the details of the invidual developer's task, and analysed them. We then restructured a conventional process model to support concurrent development and developped a process-management system"
    7. p50:"traditional models focus on a single sequence of [...]; concurrent[...] focusses on the concurrent execution of multiple processes"
    8. Uncovering interactions between parallel requirements+designs by intensive review and inspection + management focus on decoupling requirements
    9. Interactions between implementations use configuration management. + integration focussed testing
    10. Special team from teams: define process, manage products, co-ordinate, develop management technique, plan, specify, and develop software-engineering environments and coordinate with research.

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