A page of pointers to resources to help Doc Dick run the Comp Sci network at CSUSB

  • Jack Brown Hall ( Graphic Tour) at CalState, San Bernardino, California, USA.
  • For a UML Model of the Computer Science Network suitable for Rational Rose: Shift/Click Here
  • References
  • From Robert Little:
  • Dr. Georgiou was asking if I knew of a more "secure" ftp server.  I would
    suggest looking at ncftpd.  It is written by Mike Gleason.  He has added
    some great features and is very responsive to the market!  It only took him
    5 minutes to responde to a request of mine.  His url for ncftpd is:
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  • CSUSB Resources and Contacts
    CSUSB Telecommunications and Network Services page -- wrk orders etc
    Administrative Computing Services: job requests, questions, and service needs....
  • Policies

  • Policies(Draft For Comment)

    Please Send comments to dick@csci.csusb.edu.

    1. The CS Network is here to serve the students, staff, and faculty of the Computer Science Dept, California State University. Its purpose is to be used simply, safely, and freely by these users for legal educational purposes.
      1. Therefore: The security, privacy, and freedom of the students, staff, and faculty to use these systems will be protected.
      2. Therefore: An attempt to breach security or privacy will be punished.
      3. And: Any activity that makes it harder for others to achieve there legitimate access, including but not limited to:
      4. will also be stopped.

    2. And:
      1. Since any illegal activity, including, but not limited to:
      2. may lead to the site being closed down or put out of our control,

      3. Then: Illegal activities will also be terminated and punished.
    3. And:
      1. Because security depends on passwords remaining secret,
      2. No staff or faculty member will ever ask for your password over the telephone or Electronic mail.
      3. No staff or faculty member will send a password thought EMail,
      4. You should keep your password private and change it several times a quarter
      5. and make sure that it is not easy to guess.

    The Communications Decency Act

    (USA, Feb 8th 1996) includes the following (in Section 502(2))

    Worried? Check out the the full text of the act. Also see the following: