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Twenty Five Years of Computer Science at CSUSB

Come here, go anywhere, and do anything

Thu Sep 13 10:43:08 PDT 2007


    Notes from Meeetings of the CSci 25th anniversary Steering Committee


      RJBotting <> 909-537-5327 Comp Sci, CSUSB.

      Notes on CSCI 25th Meeting June 28th 11-12noon CSci Conference room

      Present: (JM), (RR),, (RJB).

      We will hold a recognition lunch on January 31st 12-2pm.

      We have a DNS address for our web site:

      We have done the paperwork for a Foundation account -- name CS25. Signatories: RJB and JM.

      RJB presented some photos from the first years of the department. Scanned in JPEGs on

      Jo presented some estimates for a lunch in the Obershaw room: $75 to set up room. Buffet $16/head, Waiter $18/head. Say $2,500 total. No figures for Santos Manual Building.

      Roberto says its OK for us to make initial contact with vendors and local companies.... but CNS will send the formal letter. He would like a list of companies.

      He noted that we could charge $5,000 to a sponsor to be "Chair" or $2,500 to be a co-chair... each with a reserved table and the company logo being displayed prominently. Also normal tickets: $15 should cover costs.

      We debated whether to create scholarships or aim for an endowed chair($2M) or professorship ($1M) when RJB retires(2012?). The 25th lunch would be a good place to announce this.

      Looked at Alumni database... Many people to contact.

      Next meeting: July 19th 11am in CSci309.

      Then: Lunch with Rowena and Sundip 11am July 26th.


      1. RJB: invite Loraine Frost, Rich McGee, Csci Club, and CS Faculty to July 19th meeting. (done)
      2. RJB: Email "Mark your calendar Jan 31st..." (done)
      3. RJB: Add motto to (done)
      4. JM: Invite Rowena and Sundip to lunch 26th July.
      5. RJB: Find out how much in the existing scholarships.
      6. RJB: Could contact Grady Booch of IBM? RJB: "His Email address looks obsolete."
      7. JM: List of Chairs and Sponsors for Flyer
      8. RJB: Flyer
      9. RR: Cover letter for Flyer

      Stop Press

      Dr. Turner has found us a student to develop our web site: Rommelito Santos. RJB knows him from CS372 and CS375.

      Reminder July 24 2007

      From Tue Jul 24 10:11:02 2007

      To: Ada Zila Coleman <>, Jo Mendoza <>, Judy Cestaro <>, Lorraine Frost <>, Rich McGee <>, Richard Botting <>, Roberto Redondo <>, Scott McAllister <>, "" <>, Yasha AtGmail <>

      Cc: Monica Latimer <>

      Here is a gentle reminder -- we meet again in JBH307 (conference room) to plan the recognition lunch to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the CSci Dept.

      CSCI 25th: Meeting July 19th 2007

      Thanks to: Judy, Rich, Jo, Scott, and Dick for attending...

      If you have any old pictures of departmental things of the 1980's please bring them.

      I've uploaded a reduced JPG image of the front of the new brochure.


      We talked about a raffle -- $1/ticket ($5 for 6 tickets) with first prize the hot game at the time and 2nd prizes of Retro games (pocket size Pong).

      We discussed using a Retro theme for some events: some of the old (and bad) computer movies like Tron, Short Circuit, ...

      Plaques cost $22.50 to $76 depending on size with up to 15 words. Extra words cost $0.50.

      Need to ask the Dean, Provost, and President to put the lunch in their calendars.

      We will reserve both the Obershaw and the C & B rooms of the San Manuel SU Building. (Need 1 weeks notice to cancel). (maximum of 160 people).

      Decided on a menu that will include chicken and fish.

      Idea: Trivia contest during lunch. Answers in talks and posters...

      Prepare a time-line of computing and the department at CSUSB. Rich, Charles, and Loraine can provide info on the hardware/software and faculty can fill in notes on teaching technology etc... After the show, hang this in the lab corridor.

      Rich volunteered a Booth (Trade show) for displaying brochures etc.

      Need to tell alumni about event, soon.

      ASI could pay for a speaker for the CSCI club.

      No news of sponsors.

      Rich will talk to Chad re: creating a on campus Mailing list for us.

      Dick will contact Javier Torner so that we can have a part of the campus Twiki for out documents, notes etc.

      Dick will notify the campus Events people of the lunch.

      Next meeting: JBH307 11-12 July 26th. Agenda: Program for Jan 21st.

      RJBotting 909-537-5327 Comp Sci, CSUSB.

      25th 2007/07/26 11-12 meeting

      Attendance: Rommelito Santos(RS) (webmaster), Josephine Mendoza(JM), Judy Cestaro(JC), Richard Botting(RB), Yasha Karant(YK), Loraine Frost(LF), Scott McAllister(SM)

      ----DONE---- List of alumni (JM) Rooms Reserved: Jan 31/2008 12noon-2pm, menus(JM) Web site address and webmaster(RS) List server CSCI25 functional (Rich McGee) Community will have CSCI25 wiki (RB)

    2. First design for Lottery ticket

      ---IDEAS----- Send announcement to alumni and previous faculty

    5. info on event
    6. hold the date!
    7. Old photo of RB and other 80's faculty
    8. Send pictures, memos, ...
    9. Go to website to send EMail and ideas
    10. Do you know any sponsors? READY TO SEND: Aug 23rd. Draft by next meeting.

      Follow up with request for RSVP, "Lunch money" $25, Requests for raffle tickets

      Start selling raffle tickets Sep 07. ( $1 each, 6 for 5). Prizes: WII, IPod Nano, PONG game, DVDs?

      Local Sponsors: $1000 for a table, $2000 for a plaque + photo op.

      ASI Funding.

      Time line of Computing at CSUSB (for December)

      CSCI 25 years Trivia questions + video/info


    11. Find printer to sponsor printing of letter (YK)
    12. CSCI Faculty donations: on committee to fund alumni mailing,ask rest of faculty at start of quarter.
    13. Improve design for lottery ticket and website banner (RB). Post to web later.
    14. Estimate costs for mailing 800 Alumni (LF)
    15. Draft alumni letter (Judy)
    16. First cut web site(RS)
    17. Add santosr1 and David Neighbors to CSCI25 Mailing list (Rich)
    18. Publish these notes -- and/or (RB) ---NEXTMEETING-- August 2nd 11-12 JBH307

      RJBotting 909-537-5327 Comp Sci, CSUSB.

      Notes on meeting August 2nd 2007

      Present: Rich McGee, Loraine Frost, Judy Cestaro, Richard Botting, Yasha Karant,
    19. Scott McAlister

      JC presented her rough draft for a flyer inviting alumni (and 0thers) to the celebration. Some suggestions were made and some missing information was given. The next version will be reminiscent of an 80-col punched card.

      We noted the new CSUSB logo.


      RM will talk with Danhil Daneshvar about the ways we might handle mailmerging in the names and addresses. SM pointed out that you need to provide the data base in several different formats including .csv.

      We need to move to a complete mock up including the "indicia".

      Note: PO needs names and addresses -- zip-codes in special fonts.

      LF made the first donation! Alice pointed out that we will need a thankyou letter and EMail.

      The Tax number for the foundation (for tax deductions) is 95-6067343.

      Sponsors: Nothing from Dell! But perhaps Sun? Dick to contact publishers.

      SM has found out that Nintendo would donate a Wii as a prize to the CSClub, and thinks that NVidia would run a LanFest(??) with a graphics card as first prize.

      LF will be talking to Robert Whitehead who has 15k photo archive.

      RM: We should start to divide up our wiki into sections. Go to

    21. and login with your CSUSB (EMail) id and password. Then look for the CSCI25 link under "Webs" on the left hand side.

      RB:Started to set up topic areas...

      NEXT: 11-12 Thursday 9th August.

      Please edit!

      Notes on Meeting 11-12noon, JBH307, August 9th 2007

      Present: Romelito Santos, Arturo Concepcion, Judy Cestaro, Richard Botting, Josephine Mendoza, Scott McAlister.

      RS reported the server was up (linux) but no web pages yet... Ideas below.

      JC present a draft for the flier/brochure (posted to ~~dick/25th) and we walked though it making changes and filling some blanks. SM brought an alternative format prepared Brittany Langley... which had several good ideas that JM will draw in in the next draft. This includes getting higher resolution graphics. RB will Email the soft copy PDF of the CSci Dept Brochure to JC and SM.

      JM brought a sample of colored card stock for the tickets and brochure which we accepted.

      We discussed ways to add the names and addresses to the flier. SM proposed that we overprint them onto the unfolded brochures/fliers using a file with one name/address per page in the right position. This leaves the job of folding 800..1,000 fliers. There may be a machine that can do it on campus.

      We need to make a final choice of printers -- next meeting.

      Need website URL for the brochure/flier.


    22. Will have a password on entry -- found in the flier/Brochure.
    23. Need to be able to upload videos (to YouTube) and photos (to PhotoBucket).
    24. Will include a simple blog set up with topics for Ideas and Stories.
    25. A contact button that uses the client browser to send EMail to our new address:
    26. Ask ken for a "" or "" Email address.
    27. A way to reserve seats at the lunch.


    28. Donations: JM and RB made donations.
    29. Account has $300.

      Next Meeting: Thursday August 9th, 11-noon, JBH307. Topics: Finalize brochure and printer.

      To be done: Thank you letters and Email, Program for Luncheon, Time line,

    30. Donations for iPod nano and Invidia card, hit up text book publishers
    31. for sponsorship.

      On 20th August JM will meet Alumni Donte Kim...

      Notes from meeting August 16th

      Present: Josephine Mendoza, Rich McGee, Judy Cestaro, Richard Botting, Yasha Karant,
    32. Roberto Redondo, Charles Tabbut

      Next meeting: JBH307, 11am, Thursday 23rd August 2007

      JC presented the latest version of the brochure and flier. We reviewed and a dozen small changes were agreed. JC will Email a doc and a PDF version to

      JM reported talking to CSUSB duplicating. They recommend 80lb weight paper rather than card stock. They quoted $385 for a 2 sided print run with folding. They will need a PDF by Tuesday 21st to meet out 1st of September deadline.

      YK reported on the printers in San Bernardino. Sun West is already printing athletics fliers etc free in return for free tickets to events. Given a PDF mock-up he can get a price for printing/folding 1000 fliers/brochures + some offer of publicity: their logo on the brochure, website, and/or on display at the lunch.

      YK: Evidence that 30% of the Alumni list can not be delivered.

      RR: we won't mention amounts in the flier/brochure. Can have levels of sponsors: bronze, silver, gold.

      We will look into finding a way for alumni to send money using a credit card: PayPal, CSUSB Foundation (Terry Carlos) via a website.

      RM will send us copies of the bulk mail rules. Apparently we may not need ZIP+4 but just ZIP code sorts.

      RR has drafted a template letter to sponsors. A copy should be sent to the group. Should it be signed by RB, George Georgiou, or both? It is vital to personalize these letters when sent. A list of targeted sponsors was put on the board... and will be posted later.

      1st week in November: Send out the invitations: post card with RSVP. Don;t forget to include the whole of the CNS Faculty... emeritus??

      End of December get a press release together. Sam Romero. Newspapers: SB Sun Telegram, Riverside Press-enterprise, LA Times, Victor Valley Daily Press, Redlands Facts, Palm Spring ??, Coachela Valley ??. Aim to get a story, invite reporter to report on the event, Get into the calendars.

      January: Campus Marquee will need a message.

      Will need a data base of Alumni, students, faculty, sponsors, VIPs. Keep track of events: invited, RSVPed, Paid.

      RR will talk to the Presidents staff about penciling in an time in his diary.

      RM will contact Wozniak -- 1983 was the start of the Dept AND the year of the famous US festival in Glen Helen!

      Can the Department loan us some cash to get started?


      Notes from Meeting August 23 2008 CSCI 25th

      Present: Romelito Santos, Josephine Mendoza, Loraine Frost, Judy Cestaro,
    33. Arturo Concepcion, Richard Botting

      Apologies for Absence: Rich McGee, Yasha Karant

      Next Meeting: 11am JBH309 Thursday August 30th.

      Budget: the printout shows two $100 contributions up to August 15th. At least two more have been made since then, and Georgiou will be making another. The CSci dept will make the 25year account a loan to get brochures and raffle tickets printed etc.

      The website

    34. was up and functional... with some blanks o be filled in. We projected it and discussed the needed changes. RS will fix.

      We agreed that we should offer a prize in the lunch for the best contribution: story, picture, video; posted to the web site.

      Also on web site -- encourage people to send a video if they can't make it to the lunch.

      We projected and walked through the brochure prepared by JC. We must include the "indicia". JC will carry out the changes and EMail as PDF to JM and the CSCI25 mailing list.

      JM shared a letter inviting sponsorship... soft copy to CSCI25 later.

      Perhaps reserve tables for groups of alumni from ESRI and IRT?

      AC will contact ESRI alumni to see if they can persuade the VP for University Relations to support the celebration.

      AC noted that the lunch is a useful recruiting opportunity.

      We discussed the various levels of sponsorship: Bronze ($1,000), Silver ($1,500), Gold ($2,500), etc. All of these levels "buy" a table. Lower levels get a certificate, higher plaques, and possibly an opportunity to speak. This needs to by finalized for the web site.

      RB had phoned YK's contact at SunWest but he is away for a week. So we elected to use the campus printing and mailing. They can merge the names and addresses into the PDF.

      Notes on Meeting August 30th 2007 11am JBH309

      Send comments with "Reply All" please. Next meeting: 11am JBH309 Sep 6th -- Review Website.

      Josephine Mendoza dropped off the latest printed brochure. Text at bottom fuzzy. Needs beeter by 1:30pm!

      Present: Judy Cestaro, Loraine Frost, Dick Botting, Rich McGee, Romelito Santos, Roberto Redondo

      Discussion brochure fuzzy text at bottom and ambiguous date. Judy Will remove.

      RR: Working on getting a link to the campus online payment site. Adriana - 73012 - will phone RB. Meanwhile setup a RSVP data base, collect money later. Show a RSVP screen to user with logo and send confirmation Email.

      RR: need a logo

    35. -- use the symbol Top Left of the "Blog" page. Add "Luncheon". Put on luncheon RSVP.


      Sponsors levels

      Bronze$1000 get a reserved table and name in program, web site, on table
      Silver$1500 get a reserved table and name in program and web site, on table + Certificate
      Gold$2500 get a reserved table and name in program and web site, on table + Framed certificate + distribute their material to other tables.
      Platinum$5000 = Event Sponsorship 2 tables, Named up front in Program + distribute their material to other tables for lunch, Banner with logo and name at lunch. Link on Web site. Plaque presented with speech. Best seat in the house.
      Special Sponsorships: badges, center piece, pencils!

      Sample sponsorship pages and forms:

      RS to use as a template.

      LF: Opportunity for Interviews on Coyote Radio.

      RM: Need streamed video + pod cast of the lunch

      JC,RM,RR: Can we project logos during lunch. Note: ambience of Obershaw and San Manual. Better projection in SM. Need to choose to make plan.

      RR: Need to see how many faculty will be coming and their guests.

      Need Decision on who are complementary luncheons. So far agree Sponsors, President & Guest, Guests of honor, ... students who fill in sponsored table,...

      RR: Invite press. Month ahead for press release (Sid R).

      ----------------------End of Meeting------------------

      JC prepared a new version of the brochure... and RB copied to JM's floppy disk... ready to be printed.

      Notes on Meeting JBH309 11-12 Thursday 6th September

      Present: Romelito Santos (, Josephine Mendoza, Richard Botting, Arturo Concepcion

      Thanks to JM for the pop corn!

      Next Meeting: WEDNESDAY September 12th 11am-12noon JBH309

      Comments and corrections: Reply All.


      JM brought the first batch of 1,000 Raffle Tickets. These are stored and (starting Monday) can be bought: $1 for one, $5 for 6, $21 for a packet of 25. (The first packet has 26 tickts at $22!). Note: Can get more printed if needed.

      The committee EMailed Adriana Bitoun re online payments.

      We discussed ways to reformat the Spreadsheet...

      JM reported that the brochures should be printed by next Wednseday.

      RS reported that the Blogger softwaare needs an 8 letter password: we will use the one on the brochure prefixed by the (lowercase) intitial of the first chair pf the csci dept. The Photobucket site(User: 25th-csci-csusb) is operational for photos, videos, and sound clips. We reviewed the website and made some small changes were made: [ ]

      We decided to invite faculty members to bring an old (dead?) computer to the luncheon. We will have a special table for them.

      Invite faculty to drop into the website and submit ideas, stories, photos, video, etc.

      Actions: RS: Modify web site.

      RM: Add "santosrl" to CSCI25 mailing list.

      RB: send RS a copy of the levels of sponsorship

      RB: Publishers: Pearson, Course Technology.

      RB: Contact Public Affairs re what we need to do to get publicity, and when to do it.

      JM: Collect Brochure.

      JM and RB: will look into generating Mailing lables.

      ------------end of meeting----------

      Notes on CSCI25 Meeting September 12th

      Comments and corrections: reply all to this EMail.

      Present: Josephine Mendoza, Romelito Santos, Rich McGee, Chales Tabbut, Richard Botting

      Next meetings: Friday 3pm and Monday 24th at 10:30-11:30.

      RS: reported that the new content would be uploaded to the website on the 12th.

      Raffle tickets can be bought from Dr. Botting JBH339 and Dr. Mendoza JBH342. They will take the money to Alice each week.

      Brochure: The labels are ready to print 26 pages (RB). The broshures should be ready on the 12th. Plan to attach labels and prepare for posting Friday afternoon 3pm... (JM, RB, RM, CT, ...)

      Need to have an announcement on the dept website with a link to

      RB proposed starting to put ideas on the 25year Blog. Example set a framework for a time line of events.

      Donations still go to Alice in Dept Office.

      George Georgiou has asked the Dean to mention the lunch in his CNS convocation.

      We will a good Master-of-Ceremonies.

      Idea: record interviews with faculty and alumni and put on a DVD possible table prize.

      Need to start designing a classy invite. JM will talk to public affairs.

      Need to advertize lunch: January -- on marquee, on campus radio (Mike Ross), on flyers

    36. Winter Registration ready for winter registration on MyCoyote as a link.

      RM may be able to get some free single use Kodak cameras for tables on lunch.

      CT brought a "ME" button from the 1980's

      RB to contact Adriana....

      RB to contact public affairs about advertizing in newspapers and the need for a photo clearance on invites to lunch and web site.

      RS: the web site must state that we have the right to use any photos or videos uploaded to the site.

      ----------------end meeting-------------------------

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