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Mon Oct 8 14:35:17 PDT 2007


    Notes from CSCI25 meeting October 8th 2007

    Present: Richard Botting, Judy Cestaro, Scott McAllister, Josephine Mendoza

    Refreshments: Apple Pie!

    Next meeting: 11-12 next Monday October 15th.

    Corrections: Reply all.

    During the meeting SM submitted an on line request for a donation of a Wii from Nintendo. Response expected in 2-4 weeks.

    SM also Emailed Sony.

    Note: the same website sponsorwise.com list 172 other companies including some local ones: Staples, Mitsubishi, ...

    News: We have had a $2,500 deposited as a sponsor. Sponsor's Table? Will Christopher Nelson be willing for students be invited to sit at the table.

    We need a flier to put up in the department and take to events like the Campus-wide Picnic Oct 18th. If you go to the Picnic you can sell Raffle tickets.

    RB: will draft a 11><8.5 dept flier.

    Need invitations to be ready by November.

    Need draft press release -- by ??.

    Need Decorations in December. Email Campus with reminder.

    RB: has business cards of two publishers: Wiley and Pearson.

    RB will EMail faculty with request for announcement in class. (Done)