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Twenty Five Years of Computer Science at CSUSB

Come here, go anywhere, and do anything

Tue Jul 3 12:18:30 PDT 2007


    Notes on CSCI 25th Meeting June 28th 11-12noon CSci Conference room

    Present: (JM), (RR),, (RJB).

    We will hold a recognition lunch on January 31st 12-2pm.

    We have a DNS address for our web site:

    We have done the paperwork for a Foundation account -- name CS25. Signatories: RJB and JM.

    RJB presented some photos from the first years of the department. Scanned in JPEGs on

    Jo presented some estimates for a lunch in the Obershaw room: $75 to set up room. Buffet $16/head, Waiter $18/head. Say $2,500 total. No figures for Santos Manual Building.

    Roberto says its OK for us to make initial contact with vendors and local companies.... but CNS will send the formal letter. He would like a list of companies.

    He noted that we could charge $5,000 to a sponsor to be "Chair" or $2,500 to be a co-chair... each with a reserved table and the company logo being displayed prominently. Also normal tickets: $15 should cover costs.

    We debated whether to create scholarships or aim for an endowed chair($2M) or professorship ($1M) when RJB retires(2012?). The 25th lunch would be a good place to announce this.

    Looked at Alumni database... Many people to contact.

    Next meeting: July 19th 11am in CSci309.

    Then: Lunch with Rowena and Sundip 11am July 26th.


    1. RJB: invite Loraine Frost, Rich McGee, Csci Club, and CS Faculty to July 19th meeting. (done)
    2. RJB: Email "Mark your calendar Jan 31st..." (done)
    3. RJB: Add motto to (done)
    4. JM: Invite Rowena and Sundip to lunch 26th July.
    5. RJB: Find out how much in the existing scholarships.
    6. RJB: Could contact Grady Booch of IBM? RJB: "His Email address looks obsolete."
    7. JM: List of Chairs and Sponsors for Flyer
    8. RJB: Flyer
    9. RR: Cover letter for Flyer

    Stop Press

    Dr. Turner has found us a student to develop our web site: Rommelito Santos. RJB knows him from CS372 and CS375.