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Wed Jun 20 14:18:51 PDT 2007

This part of my site contains partly baked ideas (PBI).
Disclaimer. CSUSB and the CS Dept have no responsibility for the content of this page.

Notes on Meeting 25th Anniversary Tuesday Jun 19th 1-2pm JBH309


Present: Josephine Mendoza (JM,, Tong Yu (TY,, Yasha Karant (YK,, Dick Botting (RJB,


We should hold a recognition dinner for faculty and alumni 12-2pm on Thursday January 2008.  We guestimate 100..150 people.  This might be in the Commons, in the ASI, in the dept or even off campus depending on cost.  We might cater it our self in our area (time to set up?).


A proposed motto follows on from the CSUSB motto: "Come Here, Go Anywhere"...

    "Do Comp Sci, and Do anything."


Idea for logo:  split in half. Left half is part of a VT100 display showing "1983", the other half something like an iPod showing "2008".  Will need permission from Apple for an iPod... perhaps they would sponsor it?


Idea:  Set up  a programming competition between alumni and students.  Prizes? 


We will need a web site with its own URL "" as soon as possible.  Ask dept to provide this.  Can we find a student to put up a site during the summer?


We will need a Foundation account -- perhaps a sub-account of the CSci dept. -- very quickly.  It will be needed to accept preliminary donations from sponsors and supporters to pay for the lunch and to collect larger donations towards an endowment during the event.


Can use to handle invitations and acceptances.


Vendors who might be sponsors: CISCO, and Dell (Campus suppliers).  Apple, HP, MS,....


Publicity: Bumper stickers, Tee Shirts, pens, ....


Need to involve:  more faculty, president of CSci club(or designee) , key alumni (Loraine, Rich McGee, ...).


Note: John Craig is willing to take part in the lunch.  An excellent source of historical data.


Should we invite Pres Evans, and if so.... we will need to talk to Karnig first.


Problem:  All people on the committee have holidays and trips planned.

  *** Need to use electronic communication.


Next Meeting: 11-12 CSci Conference Room Thursday 28th.



   JM: research Commons and ASI costs.  Contact Dean Crum

   TY: Contact Dr. David Turner about: web site programming, inviting club, Contact Paul Tonning and Mr. Zhou.  

   RJB: Report to Georgiou and request  -- URL, foundation sub account, talk via CNS with Provost re Foundation cash.

           Contact Dennis Ikenberry, Loraine Frost, Rich McGee.

           Report to CNS (Roberto and Ada Zila Coleman

           Rough sketch of Logo.

   YK: Tentative contact with Vendors: who is interested.



From: "Dr. Tong Yu" <>
Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 3:37 pm
Subject: Re:25 Yrs Cmtee Meeting this Tueday

> I've talked to Dr. Turner regarding the web site and CSCI club.
> Dr. Turner could set up for us and he
> has a student working on a senior project; he could ask
> the student to help develop the site.
> Dr. Turner will also talk to the president and members of
> the CSCI club to get some of them involved in the 25th committee.

From: Dr. Botting
Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 1:36 pm
Dr. Mendoza has the figures  on possible venues... and has reserved the rooom, just in case.

I talked to George about a foundation account.... and he said it was OK... and Alice is getting the paper work... should be ready tommorrow.

I also talked with George about going via CNS to tap the Provost...   He said OK.