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Twenty Five Years of Computer Science at CSUSB

Come here, go anywhere, and do anything

Join the Celebration

Sat Apr 24 10:41:33 PDT 2010

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    Documents for the 25th Anniversary of the CSUSB Computer Science Department

      2010-04-24 Sat Apr 24 10:40 List of Photos on file

      [ 1882Apple2.jpg ] [ 1982Apple1.jpg ] [ 198mPizzaParty.jpg ] [ 198mRJBLeavesParty.jpg ] [ 198nCADLab2.jpg ] [ 198nCADLab.jpg ] [ 198nDeptOffice.jpg ] [ 20070726Ticket.jpg ] [ 20070727Ticket.jpg ] [ CSci2007.jpg ]

      2007-12-10 Mon Dec 10 10:12 Conserving disk space

      I've removed some of the early drafts of the brochure and other documents from this web server which was out of space. I have backup copies if we ever need them...

      2007-12-07 Fri Dec 7 15:12 Invitation

      [ Invitation20071207.pdf ] (Thanks Judy and all the commentators)

      2007-11-28 Wed Nov 28 15:11 Notes from meeting

        Next Meeting: 1:30pm Monday Dec 3rd to finalize Invitation and list of

        people who should get one...

        Present: Josephine Mendoza, Arturo Concepcion, Richard Botting, Tong Yu,

        Judy Cestaro-Podskalan, Yasha Karant, Scott McAllister, Roberto Redondo

        Sponsors news:

      1. AC reported Optivus are interested.
      2. RB got Email shortly after the Meeting (forwarded already).
      3. Letters to Jack Dangermonde and a contact at Staters to be circulated by RR.
      4. The CSci Club will be listed as a sponsor on the invitation ... and the president expected to make a speech.


      5. The website should show a map of the campus and where the event and parking will be.

        JM will talk to Quentin Moses about letting off campus lunch guests park easily.


      6. We accepted Faxed changes from CSUSB Publicity. They have OK'd our use of the Logo.
      7. We need to add the time of the lunch.
      8. It will have three ways to respond: RSVP card, Phone and URL.
      9. The RSVP card should have a map with parking, dept, and event places marked.
      10. Plan to send out about 500, max 700 invites -- mainly focusing on California.
      11. Use First class postage!
      12. Need a list of on-campus people to invite
      14. Note: on-campus people should only pay for the cost of the event < $25
      15. Sponsors have paid already.

        RB will chase CEngage for detail of what they might do for us.

        JM will rework the budget to show cost and scholarship money and send it to

        RR who will
      16. pass the cost/donation figures to University Advancement,
      17. and get a "Code".
      18. The cost figure leads to price of lunch for on-campus people

        JM has bought a Wii System !

      2007-11-15 Thu Nov 15 09:11 Notes on Last Meeting

        Meeting 9:30-10:30 CSci Conf Room Wednesday Nov/14/2007

        Reply to CSCI25 with comments

        Present: Richard Botting, Judy Cestaro, Josephine Mendoza, Tong Yu, Romelito Santos, Scott McAlister, Roberto Redondo

        Next meeting -- Same place Wednesday Nov 28th 10:30-11:30

        Web site

        RS reported some upgrades to the web site would be initiated today -- adding the RSVP link and sponsors logos.

        RR pointed out that CS25 should be on the CNS page and will talk to the web master Rob Carlson:-)

        JM will look into getting another electronic payment link for general donations


        SM reported that the CSci. Club has taken over the Lunch as a student event.

        SM also said that as long as we don't charge and advertize on posters we should be able to show movies without charge.

        JM reported that for less than $200 the campus print service can produce banners, as long as we can prepare and proof read EXACT SIZE PDF files.


        RB reported Loraine Frost has got IRT sponsorship of one table (Bronze level), and wants us to reserve another one. We checked the list of people from IRT who are graduates/students/adjunct faculty of CSDept.

        RB reported Cengage (Educational publishers) are willing to donate some small prizes/tokens. RB will pass the Email contact to RR. RR said CNS could produce 200 pens...

      1. RB has contact with people inside Sun and Apple... and will pursue these further.
      2. RB will try to get a lead into the Stater Brothers DP section from a CS Student.

      3. RB found Arturo Concepcion's appeal to ESRI and forwarded it to JM+SM+RR as a basis for a direct appeal to JAck Dangermond (Spelling?).

        JM and Ada will look for contacts with: Staples, Best Buy, Target, Walmart.

      4. ?? -- Office Depot and Circuit City are in the County and sell computer Technology.
      5. ?? -- Computer Nook on South E Street (RB used to go there in the 1980's)
      6. ?? -- Radio Shack??

        (Later) YK will contact HP to try and get a Gold sponsor.

        RB and RR will meet on Friday JBH339 to make a list of sponsors for Ada.

        Invitations and RSVPs

        RR has the log form for phone call RSVPs for the CS Dept and will Email it to Dr. Georgiou+RB+Monica Latimer.

        RR predicted a peak in RSVPs in early January 2008... RB currently less than 1 per week.

        A copy of our suggestions of changes to the Invitation was passed to JC who will edit the file and circulate to CSCI25 for review. Final Review on printed copy Monday 28th 10:30.

        Need to get a reliable list of people to invite.

        1. VIPs.
        2. Chair of CSCI.
        3. Chairs of CNS Depts
        4. Water Resource Institute!
        5. ...

      2007-11-05 Mon Nov 5 14:11 Meeting Nov 5th

      Present: Richard Botting, Roberto Redondo, Josephine Mendoza, Tong Yu, Scott McAllister, Arturo Conception

      Next meeting: WEDNESDAY 9:30-10:30.


    1. No news from ESRI,
    2. Judy Cestaro has got responses from two publishers, RB will respond with copies to RR.
    3. RB is working on a lead to Sun Microsystems


    4. We reviewed the previous draft and noted lots of changes -- including a complete list of 5 past chairs.
    5. RB will ask Dr. Georgiou if we can put the dept phone number as on RSVP point of contact.
    6. RR will look into a Log sheet for responses, and Alumni Affairs sponsoring the invitations.
    7. Send out Nov 30th...

      RB will suggest faculty schedule their winter classes so that the luncheon time is free.

      We discussed sizes of Banners at lunch -- 3><5, 2><3, ... JM will look into campus printing costs.

      Need to review and fix the invitation. Need to work out a definitive list of who will be coming (complementary) and paying.

      2007-11-01 Thu Nov 1 15:11 Calendar entry in SB Sun Telegram

      I put this up On monday.... [ 80699400-csusb-computer-science-department-25th-anniversary ] , let me know if it needs improving.

      Next meeting November 5th.

      2007-10-15 Mon Oct 15 12:10 Meeting today -- Flyer and Email

      Drs Botting, Mendoza, and Yu drafted a flyer for the CSUSB Picnic on thursday 18th and the Dept corridors.

      Scott McCallister announced that neither Sony or Nintendo will donate the prizes.

      Probably need to send EMail reminders/invites to follow up on brochures.

      2007-10-11 Thu Oct 11 14:10 Added file with link to online payments

      [ payment.html ]

      2007-10-08 Mon Oct 8 13:10 Meeting today

      [ 20071008.txt ] [ 20071008.html ]

      2007-10-01 Mon Oct 1 11:10 Meeting today

      [ 20071001.txt ]

      Next: Monday Oct 8th 11-11:30am.

      2007-09-25 Tue Sep 25 09:09 Comments on notes

      Dr. Yu was at the meeting. My mistake.

      Dr. Georgiou will shortly have a data base of current students available to us if we need it.

      Several lunch tickets have been circulated thru EMail. Any comments or preferences? [ Lunch_Ticket.2.doc ] (Judy) [ Lunch TicketJM.doc ] (Josephine)

      2007-09-24 Mon Sep 24 19:09 Meeting today

      [ 20070924.txt ]

      Next meeting Moday Oct 1st 10:30-11:30 CSci Conf room.

      2007-09-14 Fri Sep 14 13:09 Public Affairs

        I just talked with Jo Gutierrez of Public Affairs. He would like us to send in a draft press release as soon as things are finalized -- start of October at the latest. They will rewrite, check with us, and then send it to the local papers and media.

        He says that as long as we have a stationary camera and mention "We plan to stream the event live on the internet" we shouldn't have any need of a release form. If we want to point the camera at specific tables we can probably give a verbal warning at the start.

        He had some ideas: (1) If we can come up with a good visual (example the Robot Olympics in the '80's) then we can probably get a TV News out. This would work with a prelude event in December. (2) Do we want to send the press release to the trade papers? (3) Don't forget to link with Computer Engineering Degree!

      2007-09-13 Thu Sep 13 14:09 Brochures next week

      The Print Room has just phoned the dept. They've had "problems" and so they'll start the print run tomorrow. They expect to have them ready by next week. So the Friday afternoon session is canceled.

      On the other hand I've printed the labels out -- in my office.

      Next stop: perforated seals.

      Meanwhile: search engine now does a full text secondary search after search significant words.

      2007-09-13 Thu Sep 13 10:09 Meeting yesterday

      [ 20070912.txt ]

      Next: Assemble brochures 3pm Friday 14th.

      Planning meeting Monday 24th 10:30-11:30.

      Meanwhile checkout [ http://25year.csci.csusb.edu/ ] and use blog to record ideas...

      2007-09-06 Thu Sep 6 14:09 Meeting today -- Tickets ready etc

      [ 20070906.txt ]

      Brochures will be printed next week and we will meet WEDNESDAY 12th at 11am.

      Generated a consolidated set of notes: [ notes.html ] from these meetings.

      2007-08-30 Thu Aug 30 12:08 Meeting August 30th and new Brochure

      [ 20070830.txt ]

      Brochure with readable "CSUSB" and no confusing date: [ brochure-05.pdf ]

      Next meeting 11am JBH309 Sep 6th.

      2007-08-28 Tue Aug 28 14:08 Brochure

      Judy sent a PDF [ brochure.pdf ] and Josephine took this to the college printers Monday 28th.

      2007-08-24 Fri Aug 24 17:08 Correction to Notes on Meeting

      From JM
      1. > So we elected to use the campus printing and mailing. They can merge
      2. > the names and addresses into the PDF.
      3. ----- campus printing will not merge names and addresses into PDF; what they will do is put the indicia for bulk mailing. -- we need to change the location/position of the CSUSB Logo to accommodate the requirement for bulk mailing. (I will discuss this change with Judy tonight)

        We will have to do the mailing labels ourselves.

      2007-08-23 Thu Aug 23 12:08 Notes on Meeting today

      See [ 20070823.txt ] and [ http://25year.csci.csusb.edu/ ]

      2007-08-22 Wed Aug 22 13:08 Draft web site from Ewi

      Ewi (Ewelina Nowakowska <enowakow@csusb.edu>) sent Romelito
        Okay so attached is a zip with 2 folders, one contains the images for the blog, that's for your records... no real need to do anything with those, but thought you might want them. The other folder has the working files for the 25th website, which you can see a live version of at [ 25th ] and a snapshot of what it would look like with the CSUSB banner... because it's made with an iframe, it conflicts with CSS and I'm in the process of figuring out how to integrate it without pulling my hair out.... this is a known issue to Evans... so I'll keep you posted.

        The blog still needs some work, but I'm sure this will be more than enough to at least show a working prototype of how things come together... let me know if you have any questions :)

      The zip file is at [ csci.zip ]

      2007-08-21 Tue Aug 21 13:08 Recent Emails and Ideas

      Some thoughts
      1. A prize specifically for the best contribution to the web site -- we select the best to display at the lunch and use a clapometer process to award the prize.
      2. Subject: "Disasters we have known".
      3. Cameras on the tables?
      4. Matches on Tables?
      5. HB Pencils to sign in (ultimate low tech) -- logo/advert on them.
      6. Center pieces: abacus, slide rule, marble computer, electronic dice...
      7. Where are they now form on table...

      From Roberto Redondo <rredondo@csusb.edu> Tuesday, August 21, 2007 10:00 am Targeted sponsors

      1. * Rowena Albanna - QMotions
      2. * Sundip Doshi - Surado Solutions
      3. * Donte Kim - NODUS Technologies
      4. * Christopher Nelson
      5. * William Wong
      6. * IO Consulting & Dell Computing via Charlie Tabbut & Lorraine Frost


      1. * Sun Newspaper
      2. * Press Enterprise
      3. * LA Times
      4. * Victorville Daily Press
      5. * Redlands
      6. * Palm Spring
      7. * Coachella Valley
      8. * CSUSB marquee

      ------------------------------ At 7:05 PM on Thu Aug 16 2007, George M Georgiou wrote:

    8. >> RR has drafted a template letter to sponsors. A copy should be sent to the CSCI25@csusb.edu group. Should it be signed by RB, George Georgiou, or both?

      Any permutation is fine with me.

      I have talked to the President's staff and they told me that his schedule for that day is clear, which is good news. On Monday, Kim at the President's office will be back and will process the request. I did mentioned that the invitation is for both the President and Mrs. Karnig, and that a few remarks by the President are desired and welcome. I also promised that a formal invitation will follow.

      There is one couple left on the list I was given to invite, and I expect to do it Monday.

      Yes, the Department can loan money to kick start the Committee's activities by reimbursing or paying bills. Please let me or Alice know of the amount and purpose.

      On Monday I will bring my donation check to school.

      Consider asking for support from the members and companies of the IAB (Industry Advisory Board).

      ------------- New edition of the brochure [ 20070819brochure.pdf ]

      -------------- I've added Judy to the list of people attending the last meeting...

      -------------- Judy: August 16th:

      I am sending the revised brochure that includes all the changes discussed earlier at the meeting as well as the CSUSB logo in its proper format in the return address. The two files are identical but in different formats.

      Yasha - let me know if there are any problems with the pdf file that is needed by the printer.

      I would still like to get better pictures of the large blue CSCI brochure logo print and of an old picture of Dick. If these can be found before the brochure goes to print I would expect I could easily replace them into these files.

      If anyone has further updates for me to make on these files let me know. I hope we can move forward to get an estimate from the printers and make the final decision on who will do the work.

      [ 20070816.doc ] (3.3Mb) [ 20070816.pdf ] (2007K)

      2007-08-16 Thu Aug 16 14:08 Meeting today

      [ 20070816.txt ]

      Next meeting: Thursday August 23rd 11am same place.

      2007-08-16 Thu Aug 16 13:08 From Rich: Logo News

        I just spoke with Sam in Public Affairs regarding the acceptable use of the campus logo. He told me that the complete logo (with the name of the University, etc) must be used intact. We can't use just the graphic.

        The new logo will be officially rolled out at Convocation, and there will be several different text styles, some with the campus name on multiple lines, different fonts, etc. [Logo Motion? Sorry, really obscure pun!]

        If you need to use the new logo prior to that time (For a mock-up, etc), Sam urges you to call Alan Llavore at 75007. He said that he can "probably" get you a copy of the new logo. They are keeping it fairly restricted until it is rolled out. But since your mailing is happening shortly after that time, you may need to get a copy in advance for the press run.

      2007-08-15 Wed Aug 15 16:08 New Brochure and First Thank You Letter

      [ 20070815DonationLetter.doc ] (From Alice), and [ 20070815brochure.doc ] (From Judy).

      2007-08-09 Thu Aug 9 13:08 Notes on meeting today

      [ 20070809.txt ]

      Alternative brochure [ CSCI25th.pub ] from Scott & Brittany

      2007-08-09 Thu Aug 9 09:08 New Raffle Ticket and Brochure

      From Judy: [ RaffleTicket03.doc ] [ brochure.doc ]

      Loraine sent me

        Here is Ran's contact information:

        • Randall Chew (aka Ran)
        • Owner, Ran Graphics & Printing
        • 321 N. Banna Avenue
        • Covina, CA 91724-3108
        • (626) 967-3085
        • Mobile: (626) 644-0105 (best way to reach him)
        • E-mail: Randall.chew@verizon.net

        His prices are consistently low, his customer service is excellent and his turnaround time is most prompt. He handles printing for several other departments on campus as well.

        Feel free to contact me for more information.

        --Christine Plattner

      2007-08-02 Thu Aug 2 16:08 Notes online...

      [ 20070802.txt ] or on [ http://wiki.csusb.edu/ ] (CSUSB Wiki, login using CSUSB Email id and password, .... look for CSCI25 link on the left hand side)

      2007-08-02 Thu Aug 2 12:08 Foundation Tax Id for Donations from Alice

      The Foundation's tax id number is 95-6067343.

      The next meeting will be at 11am Thursday 9th in JBH307.

      Notes on meeting will be posted real soon now.

      2007-08-02 Thu Aug 2 10:08 Postal Rates from Loraine

      The postal rate for 800 pieces bulk rate would be from .113 to .164. If we figure .17 per piece we should budget $136.00 for a mailing. This will require us to bundle our mail by zip code in 5-digit, 3-digit, and state bundles to get this rate (minimum of 10 pieces in a bundle).

      The cost for first class is .41 per piece at a cost of $328.00

      I have the specs on how to bundle the mail and will drop this off to Dr. Bottings office.

      2007-08-02 Thu Aug 2 09:08 Draft flyer and tickets from Judy

      From jucest@aol.com
      1. I am attaching my rough draft of the brochure. It is definately rough draft because I don't have all the info but this will give us a start and allow for discussion as to how to make the final brochure. I designed it differently than usual as what is the main picture you do not see until you open the flap but I really like the idea of having your picture on the outside and creating a little interest as the person opened it up. I will make some copies of this tomorrow before the meeting.

        I will also forward you a sample of a raffle ticket. Jo said it was 5 to a sheet so I used a template that was set for 5 on a page. I think that the printing dept on campus may have a template and I think the stub size may be smaller than this. If we have the basics of what we want they should be able to take this file and adapt it to their template.

      [ 20070802brochure.doc ] (1Mb) [ 20070802brochure.pdf ] (PDF) [ 20070802RaffleTicker.docx ] (316K)

      2007-07-26 Thu Jul 26 13:07 Notes from Meeting today

      [ 20070726.txt ] (comments and corrections to CSCI25@csusb.edu)

      Next meeting: Thursday August 2nd 11-12 JBH307 (with coffee and snacks).

      Improved Lottery Ticket/Banner for Web Page: [ 20070727Ticket.jpg ]

      2007-07-26 Thu Jul 26 10:07 Ticket design

      [ 20070726Ticket.jpg ]

      2007-07-24 Tue Jul 24 10:07 Lunch date on CSUSB events data base

      [ ViewEvent.asp?EventID=14701&BookID=107065 ]

      Next meeting: July 28th JBH307 11-12.

      2007-07-19 Thu Jul 19 13:07 Notes on Meeting on July 19th 2007

      [ 20070719.txt ] [ CSci2007.jpg ]

      2007-07-03 Tue Jul 3 12:07 Notes for June 28th meeting

      [ 20070628.html ]

      Next Meeting: July 19th 11am - 12 noon to finalize a budget.

      Mark your Calendar: January 31st 2008 for Lunch 12noon - 2pm for a recognition lunch.

      2007-06-25 Mon Jun 25 13:06 Photos from the 1980s

      [ 1882Apple2.jpg ] [ 1982Apple1.jpg ] [ 198mPizzaParty.jpg ] [ 198mRJBLeavesParty.jpg ] [ 198nCADLab2.jpg ] [ 198nCADLab.jpg ] [ 198nDeptOffice.jpg ]

      If you have photos of the dept from the 1980's please contact us.

      2007-06-20 Wed Jun 20 14:06 Recent events

      [ 20070619.html ]

      2007-06-19 Tue Jun 19 16:06 Logo

      VT100 1983 to iPod 2008 [ 25thLogo.dia ] (Dia File)

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